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KRK is much more than a daycare or preschool for our children.
All three of our children attend KRK @ Pelham and there is no place we would rather have our children go. A deciding factor when we had out daughter was the video monitoring capabilities - because my husband was deployed when she was born, so the video monitoring was the only way he was able to see her until his deployment was over and they finally "met" when she was almost ten months old. Our daughter Michaela has become especially attached to several of her teachers - and asks for them even on non-school days. That means so much to us - that she looks forward to going to school, and has developed close relationships with her teachers. Our boys (and Michaela) all thrived on the early developmental processes that KRK instills in our children - and the sign language that they have learned allows us to communicate with them, and vice versa, as they are still learning to talk. I have seen how they excel compared to other children who attend different preschool and daycare programs. Perhaps I am biased, but I am confident that we made the right choice in sending our children to KRK Pelham. The extra-curricular activities that are offered (Happy Feet, TumbleBus, ballet, music class) are all favorites of our children as well. And with our work schedules having these activities offered during the school day allow them to be exposed to activities that would be difficult for us to make available to them in the evenings. KRK is much more than a daycare or preschool for our children. It has become an extension of family. And is a true nurturing and learning environment.
Bollerman Family
I think any child would benefit from attending Kids R Kids!
Growing up I always thought I'd be a stay at home mother to my children. Life doesn't always work out the way we think it will, and I hated dropping my infant off at daycare. Then we found Kids R Kids. I think that the highest compliment that I or any other parent could give a child care facility.... Is that I now feel like I work so that my child CAN go to day care. As opposed to the way I previously felt. The benefits my child receives from attending Kids R Kids far exceed what I feel I could provide my son if we were at home. From the well planned meals, spotless class rooms and the curriculum, I think any child would benefit from attending Kids R Kids! Melanie Coblentz
Coblentz Family
Another Daughter Who Loves KRK!!
I can`t say enough about the teachers and staff at KrK Greer location. We have tried many day cares and our daughter absolutely loves her teachers. The ability to see my daughter throughout the day on the camera system is great. Hillary and Audra have been great. We look forward to working with the other teachers as our daughter grows older. There are alot of activities throughout the year designed to allow families to interact and meet the staff. We love this place and look forward to our daughter spending a few more years there.
KBoyer - SC
My Child`s Story
Parents of KRK - SC
My Daughter Loves KRK!!
Thank you to all of the great teachers and staff that make KRK such a wonderful place to be. My daughter loves every bit of her day..... from having breakfast with her friends in the morning, to being creative in her activities during the day. I personally enjoy being able to see my daughter from my personal computer, during the school day, thanks to the high tech video system. It makes me as a parent feel so secure in knowing that my child is being cared for and taught in a loving,safe,and academically enticing environment. Thank you so much teachers and staff, we appreciate all of you!
N. Chandler - AK
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